Pre-fight interview with Jack Massey

Hi Jack good to see you again and thanks for interview opportunity. It's been over five months since your first title fight victory as a pro boxer, what was that experience like for you?

As a young professional boxer with a great amateur record, my manager Steve wood thought it was time for my first title fight to get my name out there. It was my first show I front of my home crowd and was so shocked and proud by the amount of support behind me. With this title behind me I now have great stead for future titles.

We saw a significant increase of traffic to your website in the lead up to the last fight with views from the US, Russia and Europe. Are you finding the demand for tickets have increased and the barmy army growing in size? How important are the fans to you being there cheering you on?

Definitely! My fans mean the most to me hearing the crowd makes it so worth while, they represent me against my opponent. I'm growing an amazing fan & ticket base now, with views around the world I have trained in America & Europe also a few of my opponents have been from Russia. From fighting at the M.E.N I've noticed Manchester supporting me as well.

How's the training going Jack and how crucial is it to have the right people behind you?

My training regimen is intense as ever leading up to my next fight, Bobby Rimmer is my trainer its crucial to have someone that knows me & is always looking for ways to improve me on the boxing side. I also have Johnny Reynolds who works with a lot of professional sports people (Anthony Joshua etc) who is working on my strength & conditioning.

I guess it's a strict diet and training in the lead up to the 23rd April? What's the daily routine for a pro boxer before a title fight?

I fight at my natural weight so, yes it's strict clean foods leading up to my fights, I eat plenty of carbohydrates before training & protein afterwards, I'm really lucky fighting at my natural weight so that cuts out a lot of the stress before a fight.

The Devonshire Dome is a great venue and after the success of your last fight the promoters made the decision to return. What's it like fighting in-front of a home crowd? And I guess Buxton is where it all started for you as a amateur boxer?

My training started in Buxton at a young age, amateur at Northside (Manchester) then turned as a professional at Bobby Rimmers.
Fighting the Devonshire Dome is the best experience I've had to date due to the atmosphere of all of my followings just for me. It's just a taster of what to come in the future.

You have built a good relationship up with your sponsors. How important are they to you and sponsorship in general for up-and-coming pro boxers like yourself? If a company or local business want to sponsor you, what the best way for them to get in-touch?

Sponsors mean everything to me In helping me grow as a successful sportsman, also helping their business with advertisement from me. I have a brilliant relationship with all of my sponsors. I wouldn't be where I am now without my sponsors from the start of my career every little help means a lot from any kind of business. The best way is via email: jmassey123@outlook.com & i can contact directly back.

How do you prepare yourself hours before a fight?

The day of my fight, a few hours before is crucial to savour all of my energy so I rest as much as possibly tend to watch a film or listen to music, keeping from burning any nervous energy. Then prepare myself with a hour long warm up before the fight.

For those unable to make the fight are they able to watch online?

There is always a streaming video of my fights on v.i.pboxing.tv that shows the fight but obviously not getting all of the full atmosphere of being at the venue.

So is there a after party for the fans?

Of course! Whoever would like to celebrate with me after the fight are more than welcome. The after party will be held at Trunk on Buxton market place.

Well it's been great chatting to you Jack, best of luck.

Thanks so much for your time and effort speak to you soon.




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